IT Specialist
IT Manager, IT Projects Creator
Specialist of Software & Hardware, 

IT Specialist, IT Manager, IT Projects Creator,
Specialist of IT Software & Hardware,
Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer,
Specialist of Digital Equipment,
Expert of IT diagnostics and failures,
Recovery Data Engineer, Specialist of Data Recovery,
Specialist of Data Transfer Technology,
Specialist of VoIP Technology
Network Administrator (Novell® Netware)
Specialist of IT Services,
Specialist of Security of Computer Networks,
Specialist of Software Design, Software Designer,
Specialist of Software Management
WWW Pages Designer and Creator,
Specialist of WEB Hosting,

Personal details: Reserved

01.10.1968 - 17.02.1972 University of Lodz, Poland, profile: Physics
1968 – Secondary School ( Matriculation II L.O. Lodz, Poland )

01.04.1989 – since 2014 - IT Manager, IT Specialist ( 16 years experience )
IT Proprietor of HELP® Software & Hardware
First Polish Professional Emergency Computer Service
01.09.1980 - 31.03.1989 - Manager in Polish Trading Association ( Z.P.H. i U. )
29.11.1979 - 23.05.1980 - Insurance Manager in State Agency of Insurances ( P.Z.U. )
01.10.1975 - 30.11.1978 - Specialist in Medical Service Centre ( Z.N.S.M. )
02.02.1974 - 30.09.1975 - Technical Specialist in Development Centre of Scientific Design
in the Polish Ministry of the Trade ( M.H.W. i U. )
01.10.1972 - 31.12.1972 - General Manager in Quarter Office of Culture & Sport Association
29.06.1972 - 15.09.1972 - Rescue Team Manager BALKANTURIST Bulgaria

English: good ( very good in reading and writing, satisfactory in conversation )
German: sufficient in practice
Russian: fluent
Bulgarian practice knowledge

IT Management, Network Managing, Data-Bases Management,
Software Design ( 18 years experience in all kinds of Data Bases Platforms Architectures )
IT Digital Equipment failures diagnostics ( 20 years experience )
IT Hardware & Software failures and removing of damages ( 20 years experience )
Data recovery from hard disks and various media types ( 16 years experience )
Protections of computers systems and networks against unwanted access or destruction
Design and initiation of IT Security Systems and Precaution ( LAN, WAN Networks )

- quick help in case of any hardware / software failures in computer systems
- data recovering from hard disks failures of any causes
- regaining of the lost data from hard disks
- installation and setting of optimal parameters of hard disks
- consulting and design in the range of computer systems
- project design and installations of complete computer networks
- Installations and Managing Novell® Netware Networks
- practical teaching and instructing to the users
- carrying out of some special applications
- installations and testing of hardware and legal software
- installations all kinds legal operating systems
- data protection against unwanted users or destructions
- data protection against ingressions by viruses
- configuration of modems on the lowest register level
- almost all kinds Internet installations
- WEB hosting and WEB pages building practice knowledge (HTML 4,0)
- solving any other even the most unusual computer tasks and problems

Carrying out orders of even most unusual programming,
especially: data bases, test programs and various utilities.
Design, managing, sale and development own unique management system FIRMA HELP®
writing in Pascal and Assembler language with open architecture and macro-definitions,

System includes:
- Complex tax offices management dealing,
- Management of any wholesale dealing,
- Management of any branch shops,
- Store dealing,
- Attendance of any account book,
- Stock taking and inventory,
and many, many more.

Other Skills:
Skiing instructor P.Z.N. ( Polish Federation of Skiing )
Swimming instructor P.Z.P. ( Polish Federation of Swimming )
Driving licence A+B ( 40 years of practice )

IT, Data Management Systems, Data Transfer Technology, VoIP, Medicine, Psychology
Sport cultivate: Swimming, skiing, chess,
Mountain and water tourism