Polish Version


Polish Version


George J.Garlicki


Is looking for a job

Permanent Full Time Position

Temporary Work, Work "on-line"

in some of dynamic IT division

at any region of the world
USA, Canada, Australia,
Europe U.E.

(even in Poland)

for one of the following positions:

IT Supervisor
Software Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Data Recovery Engineer

Digital Music Composing

Software Projects Designer

Computer's Systems Managing
Local Area Networks Manager
Novell® Netware Engineer

Design & Creating of Digital Arts
Design & Creating Computer's Graphics

Design & Creating of Mobile Projects

Design & Creating of Mobile Sites

Design & Creating of Mobile Pages

for instance like this:


Design & Creating of WEB Pages

for instance like this:


WEB Mastering

WEB Services

Good looking will be any other position
where my skills can be used well

Look at my other Skills:
Ski Instructor
Swimming Instructor
Live Guard
Chess Instructor
Mountain Ranger

My Experience
My Skills
My References

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